Braces for straight white teeth from £900

Modern and invisible braces for adults as well as children

Today’s braces aren’t just for children. At HRS Dental Care we’re pleased to help both adults and children to correct tooth abnormalities through brace treatment.

Crooked and twisted teeth can be gently realigned without the need for dental veneers or crowns – and modern techniques mean there are fewer situations where a tooth might need to be extracted to ease overcrowding.

HRS Dental Care is the only dental or orthodontic practice in Gloucestershire to offer you a full selection of modern braces – an important factor since no single type of brace is suitable for all cases. Visit the individual pages to find out about the types of braces on offer.

Careful assessment before treatment begins

Before deciding on the right orthodontic option for you, your dentist will fully assess your mouth, teeth, jaw alignment and overall dental health. Certain cases may only be suitable for treatment with fixed braces – but if this applies to you, don’t worry. We can offer you a range of incredibly discreet fixed systems able to effectively move your teeth without drawing attention.

We offer the following orthodontic options

Metal brace

A typical NHS Orthodontic option

Invisible / Clear Braces

Read more about this treatment

inman aligner
Dr Harris’ calm and reassuring explanation of the choices of treatment available to me settled my anxieties