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Welcoming new dental patients

At HRS Dental Care we make a point of helping our patients to feel happy and relaxed about visiting the dentist. Removing any fear of the unknown is an important part of this commitment – so here’s a guide to what you can expect when you come to see us here in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

1. Making your appointment

Simply fill in the online form or call our reception team on 01453 826234. We’ll arrange an appointment for you with our lead clinician Dr Neil Harris. Please note that part payment for the appointment will be taken over the phone at the time of booking as we find this helps to spread the cost. We’ll also pop a Welcome Pack in the post straight away.

2. Arriving at the practice

If you’re not sure where to find us, you’ll find a map in your Welcome Pack or in the Contact us section of this website. Alternatively, we’ll be pleased to give you directions by phone. We have plenty of parking in front of the practice. If you have any special requirements, please let us know when you book your appointment – we have disabled access and a surgery on the ground floor. Please arrive a few minutes early and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you wait.

3. Initial consultation

Your initial consultation will take place with Dr Neil Harris and our Treatment Co-ordinator, Claire Constant. This appointment normally lasts about 45 minutes – during which time you’ll be able to listen to your choice of music!

4. Treatment Plan

Your dentist will assess your oral health and advise a Treatment Plan which may be as simple as a timeframe for your next routine check-up. If you need a course of treatment, or are interested in any cosmetic treatments, we’ll decide how this will be delivered. After your appointment our Treatment Co-ordinator will discuss the plan with you and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the different finance options which we offer you. This takes another 30 minutes or so, to make sure you have all the information you need.

5. Treatment

We know you’ll want to think everything over before committing to any extensive treatment. Rest assured that we’ll work with you to find the right treatment option, so you can be certain that your mouth will be as healthy as possible with the least amount of dentistry possible.

If you decide you’re happy to go ahead with your Treatment Plan we’ll book all the necessary appointments with our clinical team. If you decide you’d like more time we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to go through at your leisure before talking to us again later.

Finally, we recognise that some people find dental treatment more stressful than others. If you’re one of these people we can offer you sedation treatment to help you relax during your treatment. If you think this would help please let us know.

New Patient Registration

Come and see what we’re all about for yourself

Whether you’re new to the Stroud area, or are simply looking for a new dentist, HRS Dental Care will be delighted to welcome you to our practice for a look round. We’d like you to see for yourself what makes us one of the leading practices in Gloucestershire.

You’re assured of a warm welcome and you’ll receive a free consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator to talk over your individual needs, expectations and any issues you may have about dental treatments.

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New Patient Examination & Questionnaire

When you decide to become a member of our practice we want to make sure that we take the very best care of you possible, so that we can ensure that you achieve Total Oral Health For Life.

We will ensure that when you come to see us that you have the most thorough dental examination you have ever had. This allows us, using the best science available, to arrive at a care program that is tailored to your individual risk of dental diseases.

Prior to your first appointment with us we'll ask you to fill in a new patient questionnaire, it takes a couple of minutes so we ask that you please turn up a little early to ensure we/you have time to complete everything.  then there are paper forms available in the practice you can fill in.

Become a new patient today by filling in our new patient registration form above.