Six Month Smiles

Fast-acting 6 month smile braces to straighten your teeth in just six months – from £1466

6 Month Smile braces combine proven orthodontic techniques with modern materials. They use clear plastic brackets and tooth-coloured wires to gently straighten your teeth into position, taking an average of just six months to achieve the desired result. Compare this to as much as 2-3 years for traditional braces!

You could achieve your perfect smile in the time between your regular check-up visits!

6 Month Smile braces are unobtrusive as well as fast-acting. Though not as invisible as our clear aligner teeth brace systems, the discreet bracket and wire system ensures most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing braces at all.

Why not treat yourself to some teeth whitening when you complete your tooth straightening

Once you have finished straightening your teeth, why not treat yourself to our popular Zoom! chair side teeth whitening, this will enhance your overall smile. We have found that whitening is a fantastic complement to your new straighter teeth. Zoom! whitening is £290 following teeth straightening.

The treatment and advice I have received is first class

How Six Month Smile teeth braces work

A special, tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wire gently moves the teeth into position. Because it isn’t trying to alter the way your teeth bite, it focuses on moving the teeth which form the smile. This leads to much shorter treatment times than traditional teeth braces.

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