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From general dentistry to restorative and cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening

If you want the best dentistry with the best results you are in the right place.
HRS Dental Care offers a full range of modern dental treatment to people in Stonehouse, Stroud and surrounding areas of Gloucestershire. This extends from dental implants and other advanced restorative dentistry to cosmetic treatments – including providing and fitting teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening kits and porcelain veneers.

The treatment and advice I have received is first class

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We want out patients to enjoy 'Total Oral Health'. This means:

  1. Your teeth are healthy and stable, with no cavities so you can eat what you like in comfort.
  2. Your gums are healthy and your teeth are as clean as can be so you don’t lose them to gum disease in later life.
  3. Your jaw joint, muscles and teeth work in harmony – so your teeth (and any dental work) lasts longer and you spend less
    time at the dentist!

We passionately believe that Total Oral Health can only be achieved by using the best materials and taking the time to do the best job possible.

Please see the separate treatment pages to find out how we can do this for you!