Dental Hygienist

The cornerstone of long term dental health is good dental hygiene and our hygienists play a vital role in our “Total Oral Health” concept.

In years gone by this type of treatment was referred to as a “Scale and Polish” but now it is clear that there is a direct link between the health of the gums and your general health. It is now well known that poor gum health can double your chances of a heart attack, stroke and also your chances of developing diabetes.

Why do you need to see a hygienist?

Our dental hygienist will work with you to monitor your dental health and provide you with the skills, tools and techniques to work with us to prevent any future dental problems. They also provide dental treatments to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

This means that your teeth will look great and stay healthy, without bleeding gums or bad breath. Also this regular cleaning will cut down on the inflammation which leads to further health problems.

Most people are unaware of slowly progressing gum disease, which is why our hygienists will use proven scientific methods to monitor your dental health, and then adapt your toothbrushing to help you improve your dental health.

It is very important that you attend regular dental hygienist appointments – gum disease is an ongoing problem that needs regular attention. We have found that the best way to keep your teeth healthy for life is to become a member of the practice through one of our dental membership plans.