Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces from £990

Straighten your teeth with braces that only you will know you’re wearing

Many people would love to enhance their smile with straighter, better aligned teeth, but are put off by the thought of noticeable braces. Happily, there are now a number of options for invisible braces and HRS Dental Care is the only practice in Gloucestershire to offer you them all.

Invisible braces are a great option for people who need to make speeches or are in the public eye as part of their job. They’re frequently chosen by celebrities who want to maintain their glamorous Hollywood appearance during treatment.

Invisalign – the most popular invisible braces

Invisalign is a series of aligners made from clear plastic to discreetly and effectively correct tooth alignment. Your Invisalign aligners are created using impressions and images taken of your teeth and mouth. The system involves wearing a different aligner every two weeks to encourage your teeth into perfect alignment.

Why not treat yourself to some teeth whitening when you complete your tooth straightening

Once you have finished straightening your teeth, why not treat yourself to our popular Zoom! chair side teeth whitening, this will enhance your overall smile. We have found that whitening is a fantastic complement to your new straighter teeth. Zoom! whitening is £290 following teeth straightening.

HRS have given me my smile back and I cannot recommend Neil and the team enough