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HRS Dental Care in Stonehouse, Stroud

HRS Dental Care is dedicated to providing a genuinely warm welcome and exceptionally high standards of dentistry for people in Stonehouse, Stroud and throughout our corner of Gloucestershire.

From general dentistry to restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments – such as teeth whitening – and from preventative work to white fillings, crowns, braces and dental implants… you can rely on HRS Dental Care to produce better looking, longer lasting results. We look forward to seeing you at our state-of-the-art dental practice here in Stonehouse near Stroud.


HRS Difference

Become a new patient today, at HRS Dental Care we make a point of helping our patients to feel happy and relaxed about visiting the dentist. Removing any fear of the unknown is an important part of this commitment



Emergency Dental Care?

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Are you suffering from severe toothache or other related pain? Do you need access to emergency dentistry? HRS Dental Care are here to help and we will provide you with an dental emergency appointment as soon as we can.

Get the dentistry you need

What type of dentistry do you require?



There’s no such thing as ‘basic’ dentistry. Your regular check-up, hygienist appointment and any minor treatments you may need pay a vital role in maintaining your Total Oral Health.


Oral health does not end with the teeth and gums. It also encompasses the health of your jaw joint and the muscles you use to chew. We take a holistic approach to achieve balanced dentition.


Today’s braces aren’t just for children. At HRS Dental Care we’re pleased to help both adults and children to correct tooth abnormalities through modern brace treatment.


Dr Neil Harris has developed a reputation as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the UK. He has the eye for detail that helps give patients the smiles they have always dreamed of achieving.

To say it was life changing isn’t an exaggeration and if people ask ‘was it worth it’ YES YES YES

Ask Neil

Got a dental question? not sure about a symptom, treatment or just need a bit of advice? Ask Neil a question and he will post any replies on the site.


See the results of our cosmetic and restorative dentistry for yourself.

HRS Dental Care latest offers

Teeth Whitening from only £350

Enjoy a new, clean, white smile that will boost your confidence and help to brighten your day! Results are instant and long-lasting.


Cosmetic Dentistry

HRS Gold Standard

One of the UK’s leading cosmetic dentists will help you get the most from your smile

• Not every artist could paint the Mona Lisa
• Not every dancer can perform like Darcey Bussell
• Not every dentist can perform cosmetic dentistry!

Successful cosmetic dentistry isn’t something you can expect to receive from every practice you might stumble across. Leading cosmetic dentists recognise that it requires a combination of art, science and an eye for detail to produce the best results from the least amount of dentistry.

Dr Neil Harris

Through hundreds of hours of courses, thousands of hours of clinical cosmetic dentistry and a drive to achieve perfection, Dr Neil Harris has developed a reputation as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the UK. Having completed hundreds of smile makeovers, he has the eye for detail that helps give patients the smiles they have always dreamed of achieving.
To find out more about Dr Harris, visit our Meet our Team pages.


At HRS Dental care we care

Prior to any treatment, Neil talks through what he will be doing and makes sure it is completely painless.