Is there anything that can be done for receding gums?

Hello Neil,

Is there anything that can be done for receeding gums. I also have a couple of mobile teeth and loss of bone. If i had any teeth fall out or replaced how long would i have to go without any before they could be replaced. Would i also have to have that wax in my mouth to make a mould because i think it would probably pull my teeth out. It has been worrying me for some but i am not very good with dentists and would very much appreciate your advice thank you,


Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for your email. It sounds like you have a problem called periodontitis, commonly referred to as gum disease. This is a very common problem so we are very experienced with dealing with these types of situation.

It is very difficult to work out the best thing to do for you without a full assessment of your problem, but I will briefly describe several types of treatment we have completed for patients who have had similar problems to yours.

Receeding gums tend to develop because of poor plaque control, poorly fitting fillings and crowns, and also some bite issues may be a factor. Our aim at HRS Dentalcare is firstly to work with you so that you can improve your home care so that you can look after yourself ‚ as you clean your teeth over 700 times a year, and if we show you better ways to look after yourself this tends to be extremely effective. Our hygienists will then work with you at regular intervals to reassess your home care, remove and hardened plaque from your teeth and also help you develop the skills and techniques to continually improve your home care.

If you already have missing teeth then these can be replaced with dental implants, bridges or veneers. If you visit our website pages you will see how each can help you. Normally, if teeth have to be removed we can provide something to replace any missing teeth immediately. However, we expect to wait at least a few months before providing the definitive treatment, whether that is dental implants, dental bridges or veneers.

I hope this gives you some helpful information. However, in order to assess your problems fully we would need to do a full examination. If you contact our front desk team on 01453 826234 they will be more than happy to help arrange a convenient appointment for you.

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Harris