I’m getting married soon and want to improve my smile

When should I speak to the dentist about it?

There are many ways that dentists can help improve your smile for your big day but the most important thing to do is to give them the right amount of time to be able to achieve the right result.

Here is a list of cosmetic dental treatments and the time they take to complete:

Tooth whitening – 2 weeks minimum depending on the starting colour

Composite Bonding – 1 appointment

Crowns or veneers – minimum of 2 weeks

Missing teeth – implants take about 6 months, bridges and dentures a few weeks

Crooked teeth needing braces – minimum 12 weeks but depends on the case

Replacement discoloured fillings – 1 appointment

Everything needs to be planned correctly however, so if you want to have your teeth whitened and then a crown replaced you need:

2 weeks for tooth whitening
4 weeks for the whiter colour to “settle”
2 weeks for the new crown

Total 8 weeks for the best outcome.

These are just some of the reasons why you should use a recognised cosmetic dentist to create your new smile. Not all dentists have trained the same way, and not all dentists will be able to get the right result.

In short, if you want to change your smile before your wedding then talk to us as far in advance as possible so that we can ensure your smile is a great smile for your wedding day. You can always come in for a free consultation to work out how we can help.