Clear Aligner

Clear Aligners from £990

Removable, virtually invisible braces for fast-acting tooth straightening

Clear aligners are good news for anyone who might feel self-conscious during orthodontic treatment. Made from clear plastic, they remain invisible within the mouth during the rapid treatment time.

Here at HRS Dental Care near Stroud in Gloucestershire we offer a choice of brands including Invisalign – a removable aligner which allows you to eat and clean your teeth without the hindrance and hygiene problems of fixed wires and brackets. They’re supplied in sets of aligners, with each one used for a couple of weeks before being discarded.

A number of orthodontic problems can be treated using clear aligners, including crooked teeth, twisted teeth, overbites and gapped teeth. In most cases, treatment is completed in less than 10 months, though the quickest case we have treated at HRS Dental Care was finished in just 4 weeks!

Why not treat yourself to some teeth whitening when you complete your tooth straightening

Once you have finished straightening your teeth, why not treat yourself to our popular Zoom! chair side teeth whitening, this will enhance your overall smile. We have found that whitening is a fantastic complement to your new straighter teeth. Zoom! whitening is £290 following teeth straightening.

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