White Fillings

A safe, durable and better-looking alternative to old-fashioned amalgam fillings

Though they’re commonly known as ‘white’ fillings, natural fillings may be a better description for this type of dental treatment. The fillings are made from composite material which matches the colour of your teeth – meaning you can smile and laugh as much as you like without displaying your dental work to everyone around!

Cosmetic bonding using white fillings can be completed within one sitting and does not require impressions of your teeth being sent to a laboratory. Your treatment can be finished on the same day as your appointment, including polishing and buffing the filling substance to blend in with the natural tooth material, restoring the appearance of your smile.

A less expensive alternative to longer-lasting porcelain veneers, white fillings are durable and can last a number of years before needing replacement. Unlike amalgam fillings, they contain no mercury which could possibly have a negative effect on the patient’s health as well as the environment.

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