Routine Dentistry Services

Everyone requires some kind of dentistry treatment within their lifetime, whether it is due to diet, accidents or long term wear and tear. At HRS we provide a comprehensive range of dentistry services to return you to the best of dental health, and then we help you keep it that way forever.

Following a full, thorough dental examination our Treatment Coordinator will discuss with you the treatments most suitable to you and your condition, and help you make a decision about the best options for you.

Just be aware that we are an amalgam free practice, which means that when we’ve finished any treatment we want your teeth to be health, strong and looking like teeth. We do not use unsightly metal fillings that most dentists use.

Modern dentistry can be used to not only improve the health of your teeth but also enhance appearance, for beautiful and healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

Finding the right treatment for your condition, your budget and your needs is our job, and we thoroughly assess the dental health of all patients before providing options. We also outline every treatment – both the pros and cons – so patients are fully informed in their decision.

Treatment plans also involve the input of the patient and we will ask you what you want from your treatment, how much you are able to pay and how long you are able to wait for a completed treatment.

The health of your teeth is important to the team at HRS Dentalcare, and we will take every possible step to ensure you are happy with the results and able to maintain your smile for many years to come.

Our services include:

  • Adult and children’s braces

  • Dental implants

  • Denture stabilisation for rock solid dentures

  • Beautiful dental veneers

  • Natural looking crowns

  • Teeth whitening which works on even the darkest teeth

  • High quality dentures

  • Painless extractions using gentle techniques

  • Composite (white) fillings

  • Sedation for nervous patients

  • Reinforced fillings for people who have a “heavy bite”

  • Accident repairs following trauma

  • Minor oral surgery procedures

  • Root fillings

  • Dental Bridges

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