Root Fillings (Endodontics)

Using a root filling and dental crowns to save weakened or damaged teeth

Endodontics is the treatment of dental trauma in which a tooth has become severely broken or infected due to a dental cavity. A root filling can rid the tooth of infection, stopping the spread of decay and strengthening the damaged tooth. This is done by removing the infected dental pulp, followed by thorough cleaning and sealing of the damaged area.

Placing a crown or other restoration over the damaged tooth can help it remain functional for years, as long as you carry out an effective oral health routine every day.

As soon as you break a tooth – or experience any pain or even increased sensitivity – please get in touch with us right away so we can prevent further pain and infection.

How does infection happen?

A tooth can become infected for a number of reasons, but the main cause is infection by dental bacteria, sometimes taking place after a tooth has been broken. When bacteria reaches the dental chamber inside the tooth the pain will be terrible, and the infection will destroy the pulp within it.

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