Keeping you comfortable and pain-free if a tooth needs to be extracted

At HRS Dental Care we will always save a tooth whenever possible. But sometimes an extraction is necessary – perhaps for orthodontic reasons, advanced decay, or in the case of a painful wisdom tooth. Tooth extractions may sound scary, but we take all the necessary steps to ensure your treatment is free of pain and anxiety. Nervous patients have the option of dental sedation to help them relax during treatment.

Tooth extractions for wisdom teeth

Occasionally, wisdom teeth emerge at an angle or affect surrounding teeth. This can cause severe pain, with the surrounding gum tissue becoming open and sore. In cases like these, the impacted wisdom tooth may need to be extracted to preserve the health of the mouth.

Tooth extractions for orthodontics

When overcrowding is present, extracting a tooth may be beneficial to the health of the mouth. The remaining teeth will be easier to clean, preventing future problems.

Dental extraction for damaged/infected teeth

Tooth decay and infection occur when bacteria destroy the pulp and tissue inside the dental chamber. Root canal therapy can be used to preserve the tooth, but if this is not possible tooth extraction is then the only way to prevent decay and infection.

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