My front teeth are crooked what can I do?

Hi Neil,

I am really interested in cosmetic dentistry for myself, my 4 front top teeth are crossed and very grouped, they are also all discoloured. Whenever I smile I have to do it with my mouth closed and I hate this, is there anything you can suggest or recommend a treatment plan as I am desperate to get them done.

Hi John,

Certainly it sounds like cosmetic dentistry can help you.

There are many different options available to sort out your problem, though without a full, thorough examination it is impossible to say which option would be best for your case. I will briefly go through the different options which we have used at HRS Dentalcare to treat this problem.

The Inman Aligner – this is a removable brace that works very quickly. I have had excellent results with this in 6-8 weeks, and if you look at Inman Aligner you will get an idea of how this works. This brace will straighten your front four teeth, but won’t address the colour of the tooth. However, at HRS Dentalcare, we offer free tooth whitening at the end of a course of treatment with the Inman Aligner so the combination of the two treatments could give you a great result in as little as 8 weeks.

Invisible Braces – these are thin, removable braces that are almost completely unnoticeable. Each brace is designed to gently nudge the teeth into the correct place. These are a good idea if we need to straighten more than the front four teeth. You need a series of these braces and may need to return to HRS Dentalcare every 6 weeks for new impressions. They do not work as quickly as the Inman Aligner but do give more scope in more complicated cases. If you visit this page will tell you more. Again, at HRS Dentalcare we offer free tooth whitening at the end of a course of treatment with Invisalign, Clearstep or Clear Aligner invisible braces.

Six Month Smiles – this is a discreet brace system that works using modern technology, clear tooth brackets and tooth coloured wires. They address more complicated cases of teeth crowding but, because they are fixed to the teeth, they work in under half the time of Invisalign or Clearstep invisible braces. Again, free tooth whitening comes as standard at HRS Dentalcare.

Veneers and/or Crowns – this treatment will give you an instant fix by creating perfect straight, perfectly coloured and perfectly proportioned teeth. Normally dental veneers and dental crowns will take 2-3 weeks to construct in a laboratory, so we will fit you with prototype crowns at the first visit so we can assess your new smile before we make the final crowns and/or veneers.

These are just a few of the treatments we can use to help solve your problem but, like I explained earlier, we really need to complete a full assessment before planning any treatment. If you contact our front desk team on 01453 826234 they will be more than happy to arrange an appointment for an assessment for you.

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Harris