TMJ Headache

Very few dentists in the UK are fully trained in the area of TMJ Headaches, and incorrect treatment can make problems worse. Fortunately, at HRS Dental Care our Clinical Director Dr Neil Harris is one of the few dentists who is not only trained to this standard, but also teaches dentists from all over the world about this problem. His careful, meticulous planning ensures the ideal treatment outcome and helps resolve the headache symptoms.

Tension Headache Treatment

It is estimated that up to 5% of people suffer from headaches virtually every day, leading them to take regular pain killer medications that, in turn, can make the headaches worse.

There are many different causes of headaches, the most common of which is the tension headache. It is estimated that just under 80% of these headaches are caused by bite disorders that place tension on the jaw muscles that lead to the headache.

It is possible to carefully alter the bite so that the muscles, teeth and jaw joint are in harmony. This means that the muscles calm down as they are no longer under stress and, following tension headaches treatment, the headaches resolve. Permanently!

Treatments for headaches

TMJ headache treatment can be very successful. There are a range of TMJ headache treatments that dentists can complete to help headache sufferers.

Splints (sometimes called a Tanner Splint or Michigan Splint) –  these are removable, hard customised acrylic appliances that position the jaw so that the muscles can relax. This is normally the first type of treatment considered if there are regular headaches.

Reshaping the bite (Equilibration) – this is where there is some careful minor refinement of the bite so that the muscles, teeth and jaw are in harmony.

 Braces – if the teeth are in the wrong position to be in harmony, moving teeth to the correct position can help fix the problem

Restoring teeth – if some teeth are worn or broken then these can be rebuilt to restore the harmonious bite and stop the headaches

 Surgery – this should always be a last resort

I had suffered from really bad headaches and tension in the jaw muscles for many years. My clicking jaw had developed into clunking and it was getting worse. With all these issues I saw a consultant who recommended I have jaw replacement surgery. This wasn’t really a path I wanted to take so I went to see Dr Harris.

Over the last 18 months he has fixed my bite and things are 100% better. I don’t get any headaches and the jaw tension has completely gone without the need for surgery.
— S. Lewis